Purchase Process

Purchase Process

Purchase fees

When buying property in Spain, a percentage of the purchase price of the property must be paid to to the state. Total cost of buying property is in most cases around about 13%


Through our office you are insured for up to 1,000,000 euros which can be increased as needed and our lawyers have legal expertise in real estate and tax in Spain. Please ask us for updated certificates on this.

Once you have found a home you want to buy

Reservation Contract

The reservation contract is a simple contract to take a home of the market. This explains which property is to be traded, price, time, and who is the buyer and seller.


A reservation amount (deposit) of a minimum of 3000 € is payable after the reservation contract has been entered into. The property is then taken off the market.

Power of attorney

A Power of attorney is issued to our attorneys where they are granted permission to represent you as a buyer in all respects. This can be done both in Spain and in your home country.

Inheritance Planning

We help you assess whether it is necessary for you with inheritance planning.


If you want financing in Spain we can tell you if you can get mortages, terms with cost estimates and we can take the whole process of applying for mortgages in local Spanish banks.

Once you have booked a home.


To buy a home in Spain, you must have a Spanish identification number called NIE. With a power of attorney this is arranged by our lawyers.

Bank account

We create a bank account for you in a Spanish bank used for transfers between Norway and Spain.


As soon as you own the property formally, we will create automatic drawdowns on electricity, water, joint expenses, insurance, property tax, renovation etc. from your bank account in Spain.

Check of residence

When the developer reports that the house is ready for takeover, we travel to the residence for inspection. If we find faults or defects, we report to the developer and get it fixed.

Final payment will not be made until the property has been approved by us.

Excess / Formal Takeover

We meet with the notary on your behalf, take over the property and receive the temporary deed. From this day you own the home and can come down to Spain to use your home for the first time.

When you come down for the first time

Takeover with our service department

You already own the home, all bills are put on automatic payment, no documents need to be signed. You meet our service department at the home that helps you with what it should be, among other things we can recommend TV, Internet, furniture stores etc. We recommend that you take out a service agreement that includes key service.

Other services

See property services.

When you come down later

Will and tax return

Our office offers the creation of a Spanish will and a tax return agreement with lawyers who have a thorough knowledge of Spanish and Norwegian law.


It takes about 2 months from overfishing the property until we receive the original deed. Then we will arrange a meeting at our office for review of all papers and costs.

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